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    solar panel kits

Generate power for your home in less time than you think!! Our solar panel kits are easy for you or a contractor to install.

Each of our solar panel kits comes with tier one, 320 to 485 Watt solar panels that carry a 25 or 30 year warranty, either grid-tied, off the grid or

Hybrid inverters (depending on your application),

mounting hardware (roof mount or ground mounted)

and is customized to your unique specifications 

and power generating needs!

Plus, Abundant Energy of Arkansas can provide you with a 

complete permit approval package for those who are required

by their city or government ordinances.

 Our DIY renewable solar and wind energy systems are custom designed by us to your exact specifications or requirements, circumstances and needs. Just give us a call or request information for your renewable energy system and we will start the ball rolling for your system.

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